Who are we?

Well, that's a good question. We've emerged from under the wing of our sister website, Careers For Mums, a website dedicated to hosting 'flexible' jobs suitable for mums looking to return to the workforce. As Careers For Mums grew, we were consistently getting requests from our users to help / represent them in finding jobs. Being a jobs website, we were not in a position to help but it was a really poor customer experience and one we felt we should address. So, following some meetings & discussions, it was decided that a recruitment division should be added to the business and that's how CFM Agency was born.

Even though the two business are obviously closely linked, they are distinctly operated & run differently. The most obvious example is that CFM Agency doesn't operate exclusively in the 'mum space' - we will work with all candidates, especially those in the areas that match our own experiences - Insurance, Financial Services, Marketing, Customer Experience, Telcos, Operations to name a few.

So come and talk to us, work with us and allow us to help you in your job search - you can contact us here

Looking forward to helping you find the future you are looking for.

Jim & Paul